Secrets to Living the Life You Desire

It is sad that there are a lot of people that are just existing and many more with suppressed dreams- people that have given up on living the kind of life they always desired and given up because they think it is almost impossible for them to ever achieve this. I myself have been there, I didn’t get a breakthrough until I took steps backwards and reevaluated my life; it was then that I discovered these secrets that have helped me stopped existing but live my life to the fullest.

1. Success is Relative
Knowing when to become content with what we have, to treasure the gold we have and harnessing it fully is a great potential. Many people end up living a miserable life because they have attached importance to certain things they might never get and when it seems impossible for them to reach this assumed ‘game changer,’ they become bitter and in total, begin to lose interest in other parts of their lives that would have given them immeasurable joy.

2. Set Realistic Goals
In our bid to setting goals that would challenge us to become ‘better version’ of ourselves, it is important to put our strengths into consideration so that we do not end up overstretching our capabilities. It is good to set amazing goals but it is best to set realistic goals that are in sync with the available resources at our disposal. The day I began focusing on goals that are truly within my strength and resources was the day I started living.

3. Have a positive outlook to Life
The major reason that most people end up living miserable lives is because they have chosen to focus only on the negatives. They are typically always complaining about all the things that they can’t have and all the millions of things that they could have done rather than exploring the things that they have been able to achieve. There is no doubt that life isn’t a roller coaster but it becomes much easier when you have a positive attitude towards life.

4. Planning is key
Planning gives you a sense of focus and direction and with this, you are not just making blind decisions or living life as they come- you are taking every single step in line with the plans that would give you the desired life. With proper planning, you are not just existing but living life in its full potentials and glory.

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