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Welcome to our Queendom!

A Queen’s Lifestyle planner is the fruit of the brand A Queen’s Guide. A Queen’s Guide is a women empowerment brand that encourages women to Unleash their inner Queen.  It encourages and promotes self love, self actualization, self confidence and having a boss babe mentality. Over the years we have grown and formed a tight knitted community of women determined to rise, beat the odds and surpass all limitations.  
For all the Queens out there it's time to fix your crowns and set out in the world of limitless opportunities, achievements and
productivity. This planner was created with you in mind, it's for every woman who wants to be more and do more. It's an everyday tool that will help you spend every minute of your day doing what matters. Failing to plan is planning to fail and with this lifestyle planner, failure is not an option.

A Queen's Lifestyle's MISSION is to empower and encourage women to unleash their inner Queen, to facilitate growth and development through planning  and organizing every woman's ideal life.

Our VISION  is to lead in creating productivity and planning tools that will improve and enhance the lives of as many women as possible..

Meet The CEO & Get the Scoop About the Planner

Meet Sanjay Murray, the founder of A Queen's Lifestyleco.
Born with an innate sense of style, drive and determination that simply could not be contained, I knew from an early age that I wanted to change lives and leave an impact wherever I go. I believe that true success, however, comes from not only personal triumphs but also enhancing the lives of as many people as possible. Seeing the inner Queen in every woman I  created the brand 'A Queen's Guide'.  Empowering women to be the best version of themselves and to  live the life they desire and deserve is the success which led me to give birth to the 'A Queen's Lifestyle Planner'.

As a life coach, teacher, mentor and motivational speaker, life sometimes can get chaotic.  At one point I was succeeding at helping others smash their goals but my personal life had no structure and balance. One day I sat down and I grabbed an empty book and started creating some worksheets that I thought would be helpful in me staying organized, being more intentional with my choices and just living a more fulfilled life.  Well, what can I say It really did the job and as a person who likes to write things down and staying on top of things, this turned out to be perfect. After awhile I got the worksheets organized and professionally designed so I could share it with you as you start or continue on your journey to becoming a better you.  It is more than a planner, it's a royal experience that every woman deserves because we are all Queens. Live inspired and regally so with your own lifestyle planner !

A Queen's Lifestyle Planner , unleash your inner Queen
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