How To Change Your Life And Live A Life Of Luxury


 Do you want to start living a luxurious life? What do you think is stopping you from living your BEST life?


    What does luxury mean to you?

Change is inevitable and there comes a time in one's life where you feel stuck or unfulfilled. Sometimes you get lost in your own thoughts of how different life could be if you knew how and where to start. Well, you have stumbled on the right blog post to help to get started in curating the life of your dreams.  


A luxury lifestyle can be subjective and a state of mind, but some ways are helpful when thinking about how to live a more luxurious lifestyle. Although, depending on the individuals and what a luxury lifestyle looks like for them. The pathways can slightly differ, such as processes, challenges and time taken to get there. 

Some people might see luxury as getting dressed in the latest designer clothing, traveling on a regular basis or going to most luxurious restaurant. 

But for me, it’s more about enjoying life to its fullest and living in a state of abundance.  Of course, designer labels are great too but for me, it’s more about enjoying life to its fullest and living in a state of abundance. 


Daily luxurious living is a state of mind. It is a full embodiment of a way of living. Everyday luxury is a mindset and not an account balance, you can start living the luxury life right now. Everyone is capable of life living a luxurious lifestyle, and as complex as getting there may look to you right now, it doesn’t need to be difficult. There are some simple things that you can start doing to getting you one step closer to your ideal life.

You can start by making some changes or breaking bad habits, changing your routine and spending time to learn more about yourself. By taking the time out to visualize and learn what a life of luxury looks like to you is definitely s good start. 


 Here are 5 tips that can change your life and start living a life of luxury:



Mindset Is Key


 Our mind is a powerful tool, it influences what we do, how we think, our level of happiness and even self- confidence. Perhaps sometimes you believe you don’t deserve to live a life filled with luxury and happiness. 

 If you want to live a life that has a luxury experience every day you have to start to cultivate feelings of abundance. By shifting your mindset from lack to abundance it will impact how you are showing up and moving through the world to attract more experiences of abundance and luxury.

When you shift your focus from what you think you don’t have and start appreciating what you do have, your mindset about the level of luxury in your everyday life will change. 



  Plan And Create The Life You Want 

I personally think setting goals is pertinent to having a successful life or one that makes you feel fulfilled. Successfully planning and achieving your goals requires you to develop a strategy. First you have to clearly identify what these goals are, where you see yourself, what does your luxurious life looks like and breaking them down into actionable steps and benchmark achievements. 

I suggest creating a vision board, Vision boards helps us to imagine what our or lives or future could look like. When we Imagine a positive future, it helps to increase positive emotions and optimism. 

    You can use (A Queen's Lifestyle Planner – Aqueenslifestyle ( to help you plan and organize various areas of your life. It also contains vision board prompts to help you visualize your luxurious life as you set goals for yourself. 


              Prioritize Self-care and Self Love



Life can get hard, with our busy schedule and pressure and uncertainty of everyday life can make it difficult to develop a consistent self-care plan. By practicing self-care and learning to extend love toward yourself, you begin to cultivate feelings of self-worth. 

Self-care means different things to different people, but it comes down to one thing—taking care of yourself physically, mentally, financially and emotionally.

We should all incorporate self-care as a part of our routine and intentionally protecting time for self-care activities. When you commit to constant and never-ending improvement in every area of your life, you will feel more fulfilled and start attracting the things that you desire in your life. 


Cultivate A New Hobby Or Interest

Engage in activities that will improve your quality of life.  Take some of the time that you’re currently devoting to perhaps social Meadie and use it to pick up a new hobby. For me I really it really took me some time to figure out what it is that I really enjoy doing outside of work and passing time with family and friends.

However, I came to the realization that me sitting in my room with a glass of wine and reading a new self-help book is really my favorite thing to do at this point in my life. I however want to find more things to engage in that forces me to get outside the comfort of my home.  

Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives. It gives us something fun to do during our leisure time and affords us the opportunity to learn new skills.

The best way to cultivate a new hobby is to try something new. The world is full of wonderful, exciting activities that we can explore and adopt as our own.


What are your favorite pass time activities of hobbies right now?




Spoil Yourself



 Just like you sometimes I get so caught up in my day-to-day life that I tend to forget to pour into myself. You might even feel a little guilt when it comes to spoiling yourself because you feel like the needs of others comes first. How many times have you gone to target and seen a cute purse and put it right back because you saw a cute dress your daughter might like.

Don't get me wrong its vital that you take care of the people you love but it's even more important that you spoil yourself too. It doesn't have to be the latest YSL purse you saw at the mall but as simple as stopping at Starbucks on your way to run errands. 

I constantly remind myself and others that you don't even need to wait on someone to spoil you or let you enjoy the luxuries of life. It's aways a good feeling having someone spoil you with gifts and roses but never forget that you can always treat yourself to these things as well. 

 You deserve to have your needs met, and your desires fulfilled. You deserve all of the things that you need, not just what is necessary for survival.  

So today, I want to challenge YOU to not procrastinate when it comes to yourself. NO excuses, live a little! 



Final Thought

While I am still on my journey and working towards becoming the very best version of myself, I do encourage you to keep manifesting, praying and working towards your ideal life. It definitely will not happen overnight but every small change or step you make in the aid of enriching your life will definitely allow you to live your definition of a luxurious life! 

So, don't be shy share with me your steps and how you plan to start living a life of luxury?


XOXO S. Murray 




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